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The Four Stages of CHF: What You Need to Know


Congestive heart failure has four stages. It is a condition in which your heart cannot send your body the sufficient blood it needs. Someone with this condition will have a prognosis to lead a shorter life.

The risk factor of CHF is coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It is essential to improve the lifestyle of the individual with CHF. If a senior adult is diagnosed with heart failure, caregiver care is necessary for their recovery and daily life.

Said illness has its stages, and each level will incur different risks. That is why our home health care in Colorado is here, ready to assist these individuals.

  1. Stage 1
    physical activity like brisk walking or jogging leads to shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, or tiredness.
  2. Stage 2
    comfortable when resting but, the heart races or experiences breathlessness when walking or taking the stairs.
  3. Stage 3
    feels okay while at rest but with simple tasks, palpitations, or tiredness and makes you want to rest.
  4. Stage 4
    your heart pumps faster; your breath becomes faster even at rest. You feel anxiousness and palpitations almost all the time.

If your loved one is suffering from CHF, call us. We can provide skilled nursing care and other care programs for them. Our agency will guarantee that through our partnership, we meet your loved one’s needs.

Inspiration Home Health Care, LLC recognizes the need for coordination in providing high-quality care. We emphasize producing exceptional support and care services to our clients. As homecare in Aurora, Colorado, we make sure that our standard of care brings healthcare to greater heights.

Discover more about us here on our website. For more information and other inquiries, feel free to contact us today.

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