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The Vitamin D Connection: How Essential?


Did you know that the connection between heart failure and vitamin D deficiency is strong?

A heart failure is the result of the condition where the heart becomes weak as it enlarges. Due to this trouble, the heart cannot anymore pump blood well, sufficient for the body’s needs. In addition, it will form a build-up of fluid in the body.

On the other hand, vitamin D is good for the improvement of muscular strength. That is why congestive heart failure and vitamin D deficiency are linked to occur together.

If a person is vitamin D deficient, their muscle will be weak. The sunshine vitamin is also known to be vital for calcium absorption. If the body does not have sufficient vitamin D, it will not absorb calcium. Without enough calcium absorption, the heart muscle cells cannot contract properly.

Having diagnosed with both conditions is not easy. Talking to your doctor more about the symptoms and other facts about these impairments is also helpful to gain more knowledge. If you or your loved one is suffering from heart failure and needs caregiver care, call our agency.

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