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Is GERD Common in Aging Adults?

Is GERD Common in Aging Adults?

As a result of physiological changes that accompany aging, senior individuals are more prone to develop GERD. Prescription medicines can also cause an increase in stomach acids, worsening the disease if the symptom isn’t managed.

This isn’t to say that senior adults should stop taking their prescriptions; rather, they should talk to their doctor first. They still need to take their prescriptions to manage other health conditions. By consulting a doctor, they can get advice as to how they can control GERD symptoms.

Burping, heartburn, and vomiting of sour liquid or food that has already been consumed are all common symptoms of GERD. This can be an unpleasant sensation. However, they are easy to miss, especially when the person’s mind is occupied with other things. GERD, unfortunately, can quickly escalate into a serious condition if not treated promptly.

As a provider for homecare in Aurora, Colorado, we have encountered clients who express worry regarding GERD symptoms. We constantly make sure they are evaluated and treated to help optimize their health.

Aside from caregiver care services, our agency also offers private duty nursing services. We have in-home caregivers as well as private nurses.

If you’re looking for a reliable provider of home health care in Colorado, please contact Inspiration Home Health Care, LLC.

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