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Addressing Malnutrition in Seniors


The term malnutrition is often used to describe when someone does not have the proper amount of nutrients to function. It occurs and is harmful at any age, but its impact on older adults is more severe. Sadly, it is an underrecognized condition that is increasing in prevalence in the elderly population.

There are varying factors that contribute to it, such as loss of appetite, impaired ability to chew and swallow, lack of access to nutritious food, increased use of prescription medications, and many others. Also, as people get older, the lifestyle tends to become more sedentary, and older adults are more likely to have chronic conditions that put them at higher risk of malnutrition. As a provider of quality home health care in Colorado, part of our commitment is to provide services that address the prevalent concern of malnutrition in older adults.

  • Speech Therapy Interventions
    Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) at Inspiration Home Health Care, LLC create individualized speech therapy programs to diagnose and treat difficulty or pain while swallowing, also called dysphagia. Training, exercises, and compensation strategies help to improve swallowing function and safety for seniors to achieve better nutrition. Speech therapy also aims to improve the ability to communicate and increase cognitive skills in seniors.
  • Caregiving Approach
    Older adults often face challenges in accessing and preparing healthy and delicious meals. To alleviate the stress and difficulty in maintaining senior nutrition, our homecare in Aurora, Colorado offers home health care services that can range from grocery shopping to meeting special diet restrictions and assistance with the preparation of healthy and nutritional food, as well as feeding assistance to those who need it.

To learn how our caregiver care can help with speech and language difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us at 720-572-4181 today!

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