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Infusion Therapy Treatment In the Comfort of Home


When it is difficult or less possible to take medications orally due to complex reasons, an alternative approach for oral treatment is infusion therapy. It is the administration of medication intravenously, through a catheter or needle into a vein, or subcutaneously into the bloodstream and under the skin.

Some common types of infusion therapies include dehydration, total parenteral nutrition, pain management, immune deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chemotherapy, and many others. Traditionally, this treatment method has been used only in hospitals, but now it can be administered in outpatient infusion therapy clinics. What’s even a piece of greater news is that infusion therapy is also now a verified home health care in Colorado that is available to be administered in the comfort and safety of home.

It is an innovative, comprehensive, and individualized home health infusion program that allows patients to receive high-quality care and treatment at home through the experienced and professional home infusion pharmacists and registered nurses of Inspiration Home Health Care, LLC. Anyone recovering from surgery, receiving treatment for an infection or medical condition, or supplementing nutrition that requires home infusion therapy can trust our homecare in Aurora, Colorado to meet their varying and complex needs.

Receiving therapy at home helps reduce the risk of acquiring an infection in a hospital or facility because it no longer requires a hospital or infusion clinic visit. It is also a more cost-effective alternative treatment that promotes faster healing and recovery time, as well as fewer complications and overall improved physical and mental well-being.

Give us a call for more details about our caregiver care and home infusion therapy services.

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