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Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer and How to Prevent It

Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer and How to Prevent It

Just like other types of cancer, the exact cause of prostate cancer is still not clear and can’t be easily determined. However, some factors can trigger or can increase a person’s chance of getting prostate cancer. Some of its risk factors include age, race, family history, other genetic changes, and eating habits.

Although there is no proven way yet on how to completely prevent prostate cancer, there are still things that you can do to lower your risk such as the following:

  • Chemoprevention
  • Maintain a healthy weight (there are services like Home Health Care in Colorado where they can help you stay healthy)
  • Exercise most days of the week
  • Talk to a doctor about your risk
  • Choose a healthy diet (choose a low-fat diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce the intake of dairy products)

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