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Nutritional Recommendations for Advanced Liver Disease

Nutritional Recommendations for Advanced Liver Disease

Advanced liver diseases, including cirrhosis, require strict diet regimens for those who have them. When liver disease progresses, lack of appetite, nausea, and vomiting may influence eating and eventually lead to malnutrition. Diminished absorption and loss of nutrients occur which also contribute to malnutrition. It is important for seniors who have advanced liver disease to watch what they eat and to receive the needed nutrients of their body. To prevent malnutrition among seniors, caregiver care can greatly help.

But what foods and nutrients are recommended for seniors who have advanced liver disease? First, one should know that protein is not entirely restricted but this should not be consumed in large amounts. In advanced liver disease, the liver cannot store energy well, which makes eating smaller, more frequent meals more effective and tolerated by the body. Salt must also be restricted as sodium is more often held longer by the kidneys in advanced liver disease, resulting in more fluid held by the body and increasing ascites and swelling of the hands, legs, and feet. As to beverages, your physician will have to advise whether the restriction of fluid intake is important. Usually, health providers will recommend restriction of fluid to 1500-2000 ml per day. Finally, the necessary vitamins like zinc, vitamin B1 and B2 are recommended. As to their amount and other supplements, your doctor should be consulted because some vitamins like vitamin A may injure your already sick liver more.

If you have advanced liver disease and need assistance in the care and management of the disease, call Inspiration Home Health Care, LLC today. Our home health care in Colorado is ready to help!

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