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Why Is Post Surgery Care Important?


As a leading homecare in Colorado, Inspiration Home Health Care, LLC prioritizes excellent care to our clients who are in their post-surgery stage.

Why is post surgery care important? It’s a crucial part of a patient’s healing process regardless of whether it’s a minor or major operation.

A medical procedure that includes anesthesia or an incision has a risk of complications and infections. Hence post-operative rehabilitation is crucial to ensure a safe recovery.

A study from the University of South Florida Department of Colon and Rectal Surgeries reports that around 5% of infections occur in all surgeries while 33% are in abdominal surgeries.

Do you want to recover quickly? While your recovery timeframe varies from others, Verywellhealth.com provides do’s and don’ts after post-surgery.

  • Don’t drive too soon
  • Don’t lift until you’re fully recovered
  • Don’t smoke
  • Do use pain medication as advised
  • Do take your full course of antibiotics

For your home health care needs, our team of nurses and caregivers offers skilled nursing services that include post-surgery care.

We help our patients follow their mealtime and essential medications. And we ensure they have enough rest to prevent fatigue or stress.

Ensure safety, comfort, and peace of mind as your recover from your ongoing care today. Connect with us for help.

We also do CPR training in Aurora, Colorado.

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