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What’s the Deal with Summer Heat and Your Heart?

What's the Deal with Summer Heat and Your Heart?

The summer season is here. And while it’s marked with fun outdoor recreational activities, the warm weather can put stress on your heart. If you aren’t careful, you put yourself at risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.

While everyone is at risk of heat-related illnesses, people with heart conditions or high blood pressure are even more so. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to safeguard your heart during this season. Here are some of them.

  • Avoid participating in vigorous physical activities when the weather is hot, especially if you have heart disease.
  • If you’re going to participate in a physical event, make sure to consult your doctor first.
  • Don’t go outside when the sun is at its peak, and don’t go out without wearing sunblock and appropriate clothes.
  • Limit your salt, sweet, caffeine, and alcohol intake, and make sure to hydrate yourself often.
  • Consider getting home health care in Colorado, especially if you’re at high risk of health-related diseases.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying what the summer season has to offer. Just make sure that you’re mindful of your condition and your limits. If you’re someone with a heart condition and you need homecare in Aurora, Colorado, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Inspiration Home Health Care, LLC.

We provide skilled nursing, caregiver care, home health aides, and various other high-quality services. To know more, call us.

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