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The Effects of Diabetes and How to Prevent Them

The Effects of Diabetes and How to Prevent Them

Diabetes is a serious chronic health condition that affects how your body converts food into energy. If you have diabetes, following your treatment plan is crucial for preventing health complications.

  • Health impact of diabetes
    If left unmanaged, diabetes can damage your kidneys, heart, and eyes. Here are some of the most common health effects of diabetes on your body.

    • People with diabetes are at higher risk of heart attack and stroke.
    • High blood sugar levels can damage your kidney and cause chronic kidney disease.
    • Combined with reduced blood flow and nerve damage, diabetes could lead to foot ulcers and serious infections.
    • Diabetes may damage blood vessels in the retina which could lead to blindness and other eye problems.
  • Preventing complications
    Complications develop over a period of time without any symptoms. That’s why it is crucial for people with diabetes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes following a healthy eating plan, regular exercise, and scheduling appointments with your healthcare team. If you need assistance in managing your health, you can hire a provider of quality home health care in Colorado to assist you.

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