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Effective Ways to Stop Bleeding in Minor Wounds

Effective Ways to Stop Bleeding in Minor Wounds

Home Health Care in Aurora, Colorado is usually enough to treat minor wounds. This is done through basic first aid and by applying steady pressure on the wound to prevent bleeding. Here are ways to do this:

  • Use a clean piece of gauze or cloth to apply pressure on the wound. If the blood seeps through the cloth, do not remove it. Instead, just put more cloth or gauze on top. Make sure to wash hands before trying to stave off the bleeding.
  • Raise the affected area to help reduce the blood flow and help stop the bleeding. If the wound is on the arm, just raise the area above the head. But if the wound is on the lower extremities, make the person lie down before raising the limb above the heart.
  • Use ice to induce faster clotting. To do this, wrap ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth. Place this over the wound to constrict the blood vessels. Placing a cooled and steeped tea bag on the wound also works to stop the bleeding and prevent infections on the wound.

If the bleeding isn’t stopping even after doing the abovementioned steps, immediately contact a doctor. Also, seek immediate medical care if blood spurts from the wound, the wound is gaping, or if the person injured feels nauseous.

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We have skilled clinicians who are well-versed in treating and caring for a wide range of wound conditions. Aside from wound care, we also provide caregiver care to help injured individuals in their speedy recovery.

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